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Port Dickson trip 31st December 2003


Semaphore signal near Port Dickson station.


Track detail, using nail that is inserted directly into the sleeper.


PD line, to seremban, track is unmaintained.


Another view of the signal.


Track detail, using another type of nail, the track is devoid of any plates btw track and sleepers.


Track using fishplate.


The tracks. Still good condition.


Rusted track, looks that this track have not been used at all.


Port Dickson station. The track are now covered with grass. The line is still intact.


PD station, with platform, it is just a small station, now unused. Oil refineries are at background.


Opposite side of the station.


Tickets, tickets.....


Station master room.


Standing on the platform towards the end of the line. The area are mostly industrial area, major oil refineries are located here.


Opposite view from the platform.


Track switch.


The tracks.


Abandoned flat cars. On the background are the storage area still being used.


The automatic coupler in detail.


Flat cars..


Flat cars indent.


Flat cars bogies.


Flat cars on the other side.


The wheels in detail


Wheels detail.


The steam loco, 56421 at the armed forces museum.


The interior of the steam loco. Most of its gauges are missing.


The front of the steam loco.


The passenger cars bogies in detail.


The passenger cars, converted into an office.


The loco tender.


The loco cab.


The hook coupler.


Armoured car.

All pictures taken from alcatel 735 phone.



(c) 2003 mfrna